Our Belgian Malinois


Sire Loff

Loff playing ball, practicing bite work, and working on obedience.

Loff displaying his excellent hunting and seeking ability

Name: Loff
Weight: Aprx 65lbs.
Height: 25 1/2 in at withers
Prey Drive: He has very strong prey drive
Ball Drive: Very high ball drive. Will grip the ball strongly as well.
Hunt Drive: Nice Hunt Drive. Very calm and determined
Food: Medium Food Drive
Bite Work: Strong, crushing grips, not hectic or nervous. Very powerful male.
Temperament: Loff has a stable loving temperament, with a very self confident personality. He is very eager to please, he loves working, fetching balls, playing tug-o-war, and looking for objects hidden by handler. Whenever he is not working, he is right at your heels looking up at you, awaiting any command you throw at him. He is great with children, all female dogs (very friendly and happy to make new friends), and non-dominant males (as a raised stud dog, he likes to be the alpha male). His bloodlines make him the perfect working dog, but he would just as well settle down and sit down in front of the T.V. with the family.








Dam Alina

Dam Alina working on pray and ball drive along with bite work

 Name: Alina – Trained Belgian Malinois

Weight: Aprx 55lbs.
Prey Drive: Good prey drive
Ball Drive: Good ball drive.
Hunt Drive: Nice Hunt Drive. Just needs more repetition.
Food: High Food Drive
Bite Work: Good with good grips. ‘

 Temperament: She is a very sweet dog. She is a little sensitive and would do better with a calm, gentle handler. Would settle into a home very quickly. She loves to be on your lap and cuddle. Very agile with medium- high energy. If cut loose, the first thing she likes to do is hop into the back of our mule (4×2) if its around. She loves things that are high up. Clean in the crate (never has had an accident). She so far does fine with both male and non alpha (dominant) female dogs. Loves to ride on the mule with us and go check on our horses. Not recently tested with small dogs or cats. She is not food aggressive or possessive, if you need to take it away. 


Dam Alina


Dam Alina with litter